Sunday, June 26, 2011

food caddies!

Stopped by the Thai Restaurant supply warehouse and picked up these:

I am now the coolest kid on the block! Or at least, coolest kid picking up Vietnamese noodles. Not sure if they are water-tight so I will report back if they are phö-safe. Meanwhile - check out the multi-tiered Thai bento contraptions! The 2x one is slightly smaller at 12cm diameter, and the 3x one is 14cm.

They are a good deal heavier than plastic containers but HEY! Much sturdier and easier to wash & carry than those flimsy plastic tupperwares, much cheaper than other "zero-waste/plastic" containers I've seen linked on other blogs, and I love Rocket brand. I have had their stainless steel spoons for 6 years and they are holding up great.
Looking online, the caddies are not cheap so I recommend searching at the restaurant suppliers. I'm hopeful that these will be useful for the rest of my life, and that saves thousands of pieces of plastic from being wasted on the along the short journey from kitchen to mouth.

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